Les Entreprises Fernand Bédard inc. have a proven track record when it comes to general excavation.

Originally created in 1969, Les Entreprises Fernand Bédard inc. is a reputed business that’s highly experienced in the general excavation field. Excavation entrepreneurs, we have unsurpassed knowledge of our field. In true professional form, we attend all excavation and soil decontamination needs. Rest assured, we always make skilled recommendations and present you with the most cost-efficient solutions for the long term. We also offer peace of mind by respecting deadlines and previously defined budgets. In other words, we’re a trustworthy partner that will honestly do the job right, per your needs and expectations.

Our decontamination professionals and entrepreneurs can answer all your questions and fulfill needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re available and eager to help.


Whether you have individual needs or you run your own business, Les Entreprises Fernand Bédard inc. has the equipment and the know-how to get all your mini or major excavation jobs done. Residential land or commercial surface, our team is available for clearing, levelling, landscaping and decontaminating.


Is your soil contaminated with hydrocarbon and other organic products such as PAH, BTX or others? Avoid spreading and call a professional decontamination entrepreneur from Entreprises Fernand Bédard inc. We have the expertise to help maintain the quality of your soil, and protect public health and safety by following strict environmental guidelines.

Removal of
underground reservoirs

Soil contamination mainly stems from perforated fuel and heating oil reservoirs. Does your land have one or several underground tanks? Even if they’re abandoned or obsolete, they can continue to spill into your soil. It’s important, and safest, to hire a team to remove these from your land.

Meet our founder

Reputed for its many, many years of experience, Les Entreprises Fernand Bédard inc. is a family-owned business that was incorporated in 1984. Specialized in excavation and soil decontamination, our business confidently offers the best service in the industry.

For all excavation and decontamination projects, you’ll want Les Entreprises Fernand Bédard inc. on your side!