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Les Entreprises Fernand Bédard inc.. has a solid, proven track record when it comes to general excavation services.

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A professional, highly-dedicated team will tend to all your needs.

Rest assured, we always provide skilled recommendations, presenting you with the most cost-efficient solutions for the long term. Peace of mind is important to us, and we always respect deadlines and previously defined budgets. In other words, we’re a trustworthy partner that will do the job right, per your needs and expectations.

Founded in 1969, Les Entreprises Fernand Bédard inc. is a family-owned business that was incorporated in 1984. Reputed for our in-depth knowledge and experience in the general excavation field, plus our commercial snow removal services, we’re experts at what we do. In 1995, we made a choice to commit to the environment and expanded our services to include soil rehabilitation. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We love discussing our field and can help clarify your questions and needs.

For all excavation and decontamination projects, you’ll want Les Entreprises Fernand Bédard inc. on your side!