Manage and maintain your land efficiently

Mini-excavation, excavation

With over 40 years experience, Les Entreprises Fernand Bédard inc. has the necessary skills to undertake normal to very restrictive-sized excavation projects.

We’re experienced in mini-excavation, land clearing, backfilling and levelling, among other things.

After excavation work, land reconditioning is essential. Les Entreprises Fernand Bédard inc. finishes the job well with landscaping and turf installment services.

We also offer water supply and sewer cut-off, as well as non-structural demolition. You can also rely on us for french drain installation and minor repairs such as cracked foundations.

We’re well equipped to accomplish all your projects! From simple refreshing to complete transformations, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our professionalism and experience will surprise you.

For all excavation and decontamination projects, you’ll want Les Entreprises Fernand Bédard inc. on your side!